Youth Ministry

Associate Pastor: Randy Strayhorn

A wide variety of youth activities are available at Temple Baptist Church.  These include Bible study, fellowship and camp activities.


Youth share about what they learned:

From Aleigha,

Loved “When Lecrae said "don't believe the lie that says 'i don't know if i should still be here' because if you woke up this morning that's all the evidence that God still has a purpose with you.

Also when Shane Pruitt said "we're good at sinning but Jesus is better at saving"”

From Jasmine,

This is jasmine.

1. I learned that jesus can save people more than we can sin.

2. You cannot wish that you weren’t here cause we all have a purpose in life.

From Mickey our driver:

1. In the leadership morning session Johnny Hunt commented on how committed Christians there were for a bad apple. He was referencing the bad publicity Liberty University has taken with the Falwell family.

2. We have a responsibility to read the word everyday.

From Leslie:

Some words from Tim Tebow

Before games he would listen to Lucky man and

Voice of truth By Casting Crown

As an illustration he talked about the Gator walk and hearing a lot of voices calling out to him. Some cheering and some taunting. Then he talked about how we should Focus on the voice of truth. What is voice of truth? God has u here for a reason. Remember the voice of truth, focus on truth. There are always lots of people saying things and u need to listen for the Lord’s voice of Truth.

Ephesians 2:10

We are his workmanship


  September 2021  
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