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From The Pastor
November 3, 2020, 9:29 AM

What Does It Mean To Keep Your Eyes on Jesus?

Matthew 14:23-33

Have you ever been lost?  Why did you get lost? There are many reasons people get lost.  You get lost because your GPS directs you down the wrong street.  You get lost because you are not paying attention.  You get lost because of the weather.  The disciples were not really lost because they were in a boat on sea, but they were lost without Jesus.  After they had fed the 5,000.  Jesus sent the disciples away while He went on a mountain to pray.  While Jesus was praying the disciples were in a horrible storm.  Can you think of a storm you have been in ?  Perhaps, you are in a storm right now.  Storms overpower us.  They can make us feel helpless.  They can induce fear and anxiety.  It is hard not to look at storms.  Storms can cause us to lose our perspective.  The disciples thought Jesus was a ghost and were terrified.  When storms make Jesus seem distant, we should look to Him.  It means we consider who He is.  What does it mean to look to Jesus?  We obey Him.  Peter was commanded to come to Jesus.  What does it mean to look to Jesus?  We trust in Him no matter the severity of the storm.  What does it mean to look to Jesus?  We praise Him during and after the storms of life.

Thankful Thoughts:  We can be thankful that Jesus walks with us in our storms.